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About coaching

personal coaching

IT'S IN YOU. My approach to Personal Coaching starts with the simple idea that IT'S IN YOU. You already have all the strength, wisdom, resilience, courage, etc. within you to overcome any obstacle and tackle any challenge you may face. My job is not to give you the answers, but rather to ask smart questions that connect you to that Inner Strength and Wisdom. 

I work with my clients to help them achieve clarity on their VALUES (our values are at the foundation of every decision we make), articulate a vision for what they want MORE of in their lives, map out an ACTION PLAN to move in that direction, create ACCOUNTABILITY for forward progress, and help IDENTIFY and MANAGE the SABOTEURS that come up along the way. 

Ultimately, my mission is to help my clients embrace the idea that they are capable of designing and living the life they want and deserve and teaching them the power of living ON PURPOSE and IN CHOICE.  

After going through a divorce and a professional re-invention in my late 40's I am intimately familiar with the feeling of "stuckness" and bring lessons from my own journey to the work I do with my clients.  

Corporate coaching

After spending 27+ years working in various roles in the integrated marketing industry (primarily on the agency side), I have a well-formed and experience-based perspective on what makes for an effective leader and a healthy culture. I've been both an employee and an employer and I've seen what works and what leads people to dis-engage. The research shows that people generally don't leave jobs - they leave bosses and cultures. I am stunned at how many friends and colleagues have come into new jobs full of passion and commitment, only to have that fire slowly extinguish due to lack of emotionally intelligent, people-focused leadership and the unhealthy cultures those leaders create. My goal in corporate coaching is to bring more humanity to the workplace, help create more effective leaders, help create healthy values-driven cultures and help create engaged employee communities that are aligned around a well articulated purpose and values set. 

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