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Do You Feel "STUCK"?

  • In your career?

    • I get it. After spending my entire career in marketing, I re-invented myself professionally at age 49 and became a coach. 

  • In your relationship with your significant other?

    • I get it. I struggled through an unhealthy marriage for a LONG time, thinking I could "fix it" and "power through" before ultimately making the hardest decision of my life and getting divorced. ​

  • In your wellness journey?

    • I get it. I have gone on (and continue on) the journey ​of getting a handle on my nutrition and staying committed to an exercise routine. 

  • In your relationship with your kids?

    • I get it. I am a single parent, raising a teenage daughter.​

  • In life in general?

    • I get it. I have been "stuck" so many times, in so many aspects of my life. And I have learned a set of tools for getting UNSTUCK that I can share with you.  ​

If you are struggling with feelings of "stuckness" I can help. I have been on (and remain on) the same journey. Let me share what I have learned and let's get UNSTUCK together!


I had never felt comfortable with therapy in the past, but working with a Life Coach like Kevin Adler is a completely different and refreshing experience. His insight and empathy guided me to discover positive opportunities within myself that I soon  began to realize have always been there. The challenges and exercises he walks me through and sets during sessions give me confidence and pride as I learn how to celebrate and develop my strengths and passions and have helped me set and achieve goals that are right for me and how I want to live my life.


Kevin, through his coaching, has not only helped me feel less “stuck” but has helped open my eyes to seeing all the power I have to shape and navigate the life that I truly want to live. I appreciate his constant desire to help me find my own strength and my own answers with his natural ability to guide without judgement or command. 

-Leorah E, Chicago
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